The First-Party Data Playbook:

How to Survive Cookie Deprecation 

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What you'll learn

Uncover the strategies you need to navigate the shifting landscape of data-driven marketing in our info-packed webinar. 

Join us to go beyond the buzzwords and endless discussion around the problem, and delve into real solutions: 

  • Gain invaluable insights into the impact of Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention on 3rd party cookie marketing strategies
  • Get a comprehensive breakdown of options for today: 

    • Can I get my cookies back?
    • Data quality and Identity Resolution
    • First-party data marketing tactics 

Learn from industry experts

Join our experts for a discussion and Q&A about the future of First-Party Data in a cookieless world.


Matt Bentley

Head of Data Architecture & Analytics

Loop Horizon

Ben Day - Saga

Ben Day

Data & Analytics Director

Saga UK


Rachel Fox

Managing Director, Marketing Services

Loop Horizon